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比“你是什么垃圾”的灵魂折磨更无助,可能是“你的ofo存款到1000万?”。最近,ofo小黄车每天可以退款3500人,所有已退休12.5年的主题最近都赶到了热门搜索。而且回复允许网民耐心等待,但也引起网友呕吐:12年后,ofo还会在那里吗? 1600万之后有希望吗?




“oo是否采取了拖延策略?” “我一直以为我已经退休了。在看到这份报告之后,我意识到这是1000万。”经过长时间的回归,很多用户甚至忘了排队。 20.4%的用户表示虽然他们在队列中,但他们并不关心进度。



Not only the user's deposit is owed, but also a large number of suppliers are collecting debts. Ofo has been pursued by logistics companies such as SF, Yunbird and Debon. Bicycle manufacturer Shanghai Phoenix sued Dongxia Datong in August 2018 and demanded payment of 68.151 million yuan.

Founder Dai Wei once mentioned in the letter of the staff that the company is under tremendous pressure on the cash flow, refunding the user deposit, paying the supplier's arrears, and maintaining the company's operations. One dollar will be broken into three flowers. Netizens didn't have much confidence in ofo Xiaohuang car. In the voting, nearly half of the netizens said that they did not care about their patience. I think that even if it is really refunded, it is estimated that it is enough to buy a cup of milk tea.

From the second half of 2018, ofo has often been rumored to be bankrupt. In April this year, its official Weibo responded to bankruptcy rumors that the current operations are all normal, and the debt is under litigation and negotiation. This does not offset the user's concerns, 22.2% of netizens said they are willing to wait, just fear that ofo will not last for 12 years.

Currently, on the deposit queue page, ofo encourages users to convert the deposit into gold coins and permanent free rides. Some netizens commented that they have not expected it for a long time, but still hope to have a statement instead of fooling the past.

RVdLHVyAlf66PI Written: Southern Reporter Huang Pei